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A range combines a cooking surface with the oven in one unit.  You can choose an electric range, a gas range or a dual fuel range.  The dual fuel will have a gas cooking surface and the oven will be electric convection.
Dacor Gas Range - Standard PowerStandard Power:  Usually 30" in electric, gas and Dacor offers a dual fuel.  Black, White, and Stainless finishes.  Important features include convection oven, self cleaning, sealed burners, electric re-ignition, closed-door broiling and a range in BTUs (for gas) from 2,000 to 12,500.  Available in freestanding (a unit finished on 3 sides, designed as a stand-alone, lowest cost and usually less features), drop-in (built-in look) and slide-in, (built-in look - slides in with controls on front, leaving the space behind the range
Wolf 48" Professional Range with Grill & GriddleProfessional Styling:  From 24" (Viking) to 60".  Usually stainless steel, but also available in black, white and designer colors (also by Viking).  The Professional Range is all the rage out in the kitchen business these days.  The Pro Range offers the home chef an assortment of surface configurations including griddles, grills, French tops (Wolf) and any combination of burners and options -all with the high 15,000 BTU power burners.  Not all Pro Ranges are self cleaning, so if that is an important feature, be sure and ask about it. 

Dacor, Viking, Wolf and Thermador offer the best pro ranges.  All these brands offer gas ranges, and several offer dual fuel.  Viking offers their 30" pro range in electric.  The Pro Ranges also feature an infrared broiler that performs beautifully on steaks and fish.  All offer convection ovens in the main oven, but if you are looking at the 48" size, the small oven is not usually convection.

When planning for a Pro Range, make sure you plan adequate ventilation.  Each manufacturer offers hoods and power units to complement their ranges.