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For full-size refrigerators, your options start at choosing between built-in and free-standing. 

Built-In Refrigeration:  While there are other brands offering built-in refrigerators, SubZero is our best selling manufacturer.  In SubZero's built-in line, you can choose to have custom panels made that match your cabinetry or opt for the stainless look.  While the built-in refrigerator is 2 to 3 times more expensive than an free-standing unit, the difference in quality is remarkable.  There is no better food storage option than a SubZero. 

  • Sizes:  30", 36", 42", and 48". 
  • Configurations:  Freezer on the bottom (30" & 36"), Side by Side (36", 42" & 48"), or all freezer & all refrigerator (36")
  • Style:  Integrated using a frame (custom panels), Integrated using no frame called "overlay" (custom panel) or stainless steel, as shown in the photo


Free-Standing Refrigeration:  We all have seen the vast array of selections and manufacturers offering the latest styles and features in refrigerators.  One feature that may have escaped your notice is this:  Counterdepth.  The counterdepth unit is only 24" deep, the same depth as a standard cabinet.  While it may not look any different in the store, it will look completely different in your home.  A standard refrigerator extends out from a cabinet about 10" but the counterdepth unit will be flush with the cabinets which enables you to frame around the unit for an expensive built-in look.  Both Kitchenaid and Whirlpool offer the counterdepth unit.  Kitchenaid offers a side by side model and a model that has the freezer on the bottom.  Check their websites for more details in "Shop by Brand".

Whirlpool also offers the counterdepth refrigerator, but you won't find it on the website.  Call our office for help with this product.


700BFUndercounter Refrigeration:  For the bar area or game room, you may need to incorporate the convenience of an undercounter refrigerator.  These units are available from SubZero, Viking, and Uline.  Units can be configured like a small refrigerator hinged on the side or the new refrigerator drawers by SubZero and Uline.  They can be in stainless steel or cabinet fronts attached to blend in to your cabinetry.  Beautiful and functional design.  The pricing for these undercounter units is expensive, but it is because you are getting the same internal components used in a large refrigerator, but just cased in a smaller box.